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Divorce Attorneys in Riverside, CA

Divorce ignites an abundance of damaging emotions – shock, pain, anger, confusion. Add to the inferno the stress of navigating the California legal system, and the heat becomes unbearable. However, during their years of practice, our lawyers have walked numerous clients through some of the most chaotic cases time after time. Their experience and keen perception will ensure that you receive the best legal advice and care, crafted especially for your case. The divorce process may loom before you as a dark, unknown path, but our team is here to guide you through every step. We know you must have questions, and we hope to answer some of them below. But, please, Contact Us for personalized legal advice.

Why Use Schank & Associates as Your Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an extremely personal and difficult decision, rarely as clean-cut as people hope it will be. Many times, clients enter the courts ill-prepared, believing that they know their spouse well enough to predict their moves. However, even if this is the case in most other situations, your spouse’s lawyer will often spin a different tale. Their attorney can be viciously aggressive and turn your spouse against you, attempting to steal property and privileges that you never believed were in danger. We will always be prepared for the worst and ready to defend you against assaults that could blindside you. Thus, it is important to seek our current and local legal advice so you can be fully aware of what filing for divorce entails before you finalize your decision. This is why we offer Free Case Evaluations.

Riverside Divorce Information

If you and your spouse are unable to repair the rift that has formed between you and find your differences irreconcilable, separation may be the key to finding peace for all involved. Since California is a no-fault divorce state, your lawyer will describe to you the grounds for divorce and how to show the judge why separation is necessary. Our attorneys will listen to the details of what led to the divorce, including those that will not necessarily be presented to the judge. This will enable them to better argue for the rights you deserve. If you have been a resident in California for six months and a resident of Riverside county for at least three months, then you are able to file for divorce in Riverside courts and should seek a local attorney who will help you navigate this specific system.

The divorce process can be long and tedious, not to mention its emotional toll. It can be difficult to negotiate which assets and rights go to which party, especially concerning matters that you feel strongly about. That is when we step onto the scene. Do not make the mistake of representing yourself. While we know that you are the most passionate about the life you have worked hard to build, this passion often causes people to miss pertinent details or speak out of anger and harm their case. This is especially true given the sensitive nature of the topics being negotiated, which include things like Property Division,Child Custody, Grandparents’ Rights, Child SupportSpousal Support, and others that are unique to your situation. These topics can often be uncomfortable or confusing to delve into, but our lawyers have gained the knowledge, training, and experience that will allow them to guide you through these matters. They can advocate for you objectively in this highly emotional time and ensure you fight for what you deserve. Not only do they know the ins and outs of divorce proceedings, but they have years of experience working in the Riverside County courts themselves.

A Family Attorney for Divorce Needs in Riverside County

Perhaps, however, you are on the other side of the litigation, and your spouse has filed for a divorce against you. We understand that hearing that your spouse filed for a divorce against you may send you reeling from shock or crush you under a painfully expected blow. Whichever the case, we are here to support you. We will meticulously walk you through the process of responding to a summons for a divorce. It is important that you seek counsel right away and respond in a timely manner, or they can move forward with the divorce without discussing it with you, and you are in danger of losing what you worked hard for. We will remind you of the basic rights you deserve and the privileges you should fight to protect, especially when it comes to your childrenproperty, and finances. Due to the emotional investment of divorce, it is sometimes difficult to see your partner as anything but on your side or to get over the anger that may accompany this ordeal. You may be compelled to give or take more than is advisable, and thus it is important to always have an attorney there to advocate for you so they can provide an objective perspective. Whether you are interested in filing for divorce, want to change divorce lawyers, or had a divorce filed against you, we provide Free Case Evaluations and can tell you exactly how we can assist you in this troubling time. So, please, Give us a Call Today.

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