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Child Support Attorney in Riverside, CA

Child support in Riverside, California is complex, and necessarily so, since the child’s well-being is often reliant on their financial support. Unfortunately, it can often cause great amounts of stress and heated disputes between couples for a variety of different reasons. Most often child support cases are decided during the process of divorce and legal separation. However, unmarried parents often must go through child support litigations as well, and that can play out differently than with married couples. No matter the situation, the judge always seeks to find a solution that is in the child’s best interest. This means that he will examine both parents’ financial circumstances and the past and current care they provided to their child to decide how their son or daughter can best be looked out for. We understand that you wish to give your child the best chance in life, but you may also be concerned about the impact it would have on your finances. Whether you wish to request child support, modify or reduce the amount of child support, or enforce child support payments, it is essential to recruit a lawyer who is experienced in handling even the most complex child custody cases. This is why we provide Free Case Evaluations, so you can ensure that we are a good match before recruiting one of our team members on your side.

Riverside Child Support Lawyer

During a divorce, child support is often granted to the custodial parent and required of the non-custodial parent. The judge wishes to reach a conclusion that will best benefit the child, especially when it comes to financial provisions since the quality of life is so dependent on this factor. Thus, the amount of child support that a judge decides on is typically final. Ideally, parents can come to an agreement on their own and decide on the amount that will give their child the best life. If this is the case, we can guide you through the process of writing such an agreement and filling out the necessary paperwork. We can also ensure that you know what each decision will mean for your and your child’s future before you sign off on anything. However, in many cases, disputes must be taken to the family law courts in Riverside and mitigated by a judge. In these cases, we provide ardent and intuitive representation to give you the best chance to support your son and daughter, while still attending to your own needs. By analyzing the details of your case, we can uncover any factors that could influence a judge’s decision and strengthen your side. Typically, Riverside county child support is determined by the amount of time each parent spends with the child (which involves physical custody and visitation rights that are decided during child custody) and the income levels of both parents. However, it is a multifaceted process that can include several factors pertaining to your assets, employment, tax information, and expenses. If you are requesting child support during a divorce, Riverside county will require specific forms to be filled out. Child support is initially determined within the divorce process as a tangential issue, but later changes in circumstances may necessitate another hearing before the judge, including requests for modification (either an increase or reduction) or a need to enforce child support payments.

Riverside Family Attorney for Child Support

Should you find that the current amount of child support is not adequate to meet your child’s needs, contact our Riverside family law firm. You can ask to modify your child support orders for a variety of different reasons, and we can help you identify the strongest ones and build a solid case to convince the judge to increase payments. Sometimes, the other parent selfishly fails to make child support payments on a regular basis. We understand how aggravating and distressing this can be, and we will fight for it to be enforced through the court and help you provide for your son or daughter.

Riverside County Family Attorney

Similarly, if you find that a change in circumstances has rendered you unable to pay child support, contact us. Generally, child support can only be terminated if the child is no longer a minor or if you also terminate your parental rights and responsibilities. However, you can appeal to modify child support even if you are a non-custodial parent. If you have already missed a payment, then act now. We can help to prove that your situation is no longer viable and that you need to have child support lowered either temporarily or permanently. Call us for a Free Case Evaluation so that we can explain exactly how we can assist you in this complex matter.

If you are not married to the other parent, things can become complicated fast. Parentage (paternity) is not assumed in California and must be proven before any requests can be made. Once this is proven, you must submit forms to request child support or respond to a child support request. These can be complicated since there are fewer protections awarded to unmarried than to married parents. A small mistake could have huge repercussions in the future, and having solid legal guidance through the process is essential. Thus, give us a free call before you make any decisions so that we can provide you with an attorney who has both legal and financial background and will give you the best chance at providing for you and your child.

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