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Your family law issues need our highly qualified attorneys. The Family Law Attorneys of Christian Schank & Associates serve clients throughout California.
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What sets us apart from the rest?

Simply put, our dedication to our clients. Our business depends on satisfied clients. Your case, however small, is extremely important to you. It only stands to reason that we handle it to the absolute best of our abilities. Given our team’s experience and the resources we have at our disposal, other firms cannot keep pace with what we do.

Let us do the Heavy Lifting

Let’s face it, family law matters can be extremely stressful and painful. On top of the impact these matters have on the lives of you and your loved ones, the legal proceedings can be daunting and quite difficult to navigate. Here at Schank & Associates, we specialize in these matters and can provide a buffer between our clients, opposing parties and the family law courts. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your best interests are being served and that every facet of your case is being handled by seasoned professionals from start to finish.

Team of Family Law Strategists

Implementation of proper case strategy is imperative while dealing with family law matters in court. When it comes to family law matters, each will carry unique identifiers and influencing criteria. Bearing that in mind, there really are no open and shut blanket assertions that can be made in a courtroom. Here at the Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates, we aim to handle each unique matter with a custom tailored approach to service the needs of each client. We strive to be upfront and honest, providing realistic exceptions as to the cost and efficacy of our approach while at the same time communicating possible disruptions due to unknown, external factors.

If you are in need of guidance handling your complex family law matter, please reach out to us. We would love the opportunity to evaluate your case and preset you with a resolution to the issue.

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