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Child Custody Attorney in Riverside, CA

The bond you have with your son or daughter is sacred. Having it threatened is frightening and painful, especially if you are already going through the emotional trauma of divorce. Making decisions regarding the well-being of your child is often the most emotionally taxing and complex aspect of separation, and numerous cases have turned into vicious arguments. If you and your partner are unmarried, child custody can be even more brutal. Our family law attorneys in Riverside, California know that your relationship with your child should be protected with the utmost levels of compassion and care. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with empathy, support, and counsel to help you reach a situation best for your child. Whether you and your partner are going through a divorce or legal separation or have never been married, child custody can be handled in a variety of different ways. Call us for free legal counsel specific to your situation, and we can talk about your options.

Riverside Child Custody Lawyer

Often, negotiation is the preferable method for determining child custody specifications. If you and your spouse are interested in discussing these with each other without setting foot in a courtroom, one of our custody lawyers can assist you as either a personal legal representative or as a shared mediation attorney. Typically, coming to an agreement yourselves leads to better outcomes for both you and your child since it is not only the more amicable and peaceful option but also the simpler one given the absence of court hearings. However, that is not to say that this is an uncomplicated process. Even uncontested child custody disputes are highly elaborate, and decisions could have several unforeseen consequences in the future that a skilled Riverside custody lawyer will be able to highlight for you. During negotiations, you must discuss several aspects of the child’s care, such as education, health, residence, and more. Typically, these are best shared equally with both parents (called joint custody in California), barring extreme circumstances. Thus, as either your mediator or your personal legal counselor, we will work toward a situation that best provides for your son or daughter. Our team’s extensive experience in family law and intuitive eye for detail will make sure that no base is left uncovered and that your rights are ardently and meticulously protected. No loving father or mother should have to sacrifice their relationship with their child in an effort to regain happiness and peace after a tumultuous marriage. We are here to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

Riverside Family Attorney for Child Custody

Unfortunately, we know that not all circumstances allow for peaceful negotiation, and some cases must be presented before a judge who will objectively determine what is best for the child. In these instances, it is imperative to have a child custody lawyer who has worked in the Riverside family law courts specifically, such as those on our team, since we know the county’s exact process. Given the weight custody litigations place on the heart and mind, heated arguments can quickly arise. Often this is because both parents wish to maintain consistent contact with their child. Of course, some situations call for immediate and extreme action, such as those involving abuse or neglect. If you or your child have experienced or are experiencing maltreatment at the hands of your spouse, call us immediately. We can assist you with filing restraining orders and taking legal action against domestic violence. During his years of practice, Christian Schank set out on a mission to recruit compassionate and vigilant Riverside family law attorneys with years of experience handling even the most complex cases. When you call for a Free Case Evaluation, we will listen to the details of your child custody case and match you to a lawyer who is most knowledgeable about the areas specific to your situation. We know that these can be heartbreaking matters to discuss, and you simply wish to find a solution that will give your child his or her best life.

Child Custody Attorneys in Riverside, CA

And this will be the foundation on which the judge makes their decision, as well: the child’s best interest. Recruiting a lawyer who can leave a lasting impression in the judge’s mind and emphatically declare your ability to provide the greatest care for your son or daughter will give you the best chance at maintaining a bond with your child. Every detail – physical custody, legal custody, visitation, monetary responsibilities – will be decided with your child’s needs in mind. We know that involving children in heated courtroom debates can be damaging, and we will seek a peaceful end that will best benefit them and allow you to retain your rights as a parent.

It may be the case that you and your partner never married, and you must now decide who has physical and legal custody over your child. These cases are complex and require special attention. Not only that, but they can be incredibly emotional since unmarried parents do not have the same protections as married ones. Perhaps you are the parent who has cared for your child for years and now find that your former partner is requesting custody rights. We understand that this can be terrifying, but we will be there to support you every step of the way and fight fiercely for your rights. Likewise, if you are a mother or father who wishes to be a bigger part of your child’s life, but the other parent is keeping you from doing so, we can help. This can be an extremely painful situation since you desire to maintain a bond with your son or daughter and may feel helpless. But our lawyers are innovative and will help you demonstrate that you are competent, involved, and passionate about your child’s well-being. We know exactly what Riverside judges look for when granting rights to parents, and we will help you showcase your ability to provide for your child and expertly identify the areas where the other parent may be failing. We know that you wish to give your child the best possible chance in life, and would be honored if you let us help make that happen. Whatever your situation might be, we have a lawyer prepared to step into the courtroom with you, so call us today for a Free Case Evaluation.

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