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Victorville Child Support Lawyer

A child’s well-being is directly tied to his or her financial provisions, which is why child support is such a huge source of tension and conflict between parents going through custody battles or seeking a divorce. While, ideally, we hope that both parents will be able to use the family mediation process to peaceably make arrangements for child support, we understand that this is not always possible. Thus, if your case must be presented before the judge, the attorneys at the Victorville office of Christian Schank & Associates are well versed in child support matters and can provide you with guidance and representation that will allow you to care for your child without having to neglect your own needs. The judge will take the child support matters very seriously, so it is important to enter the courtroom fully aware of the numerous factors that he or she will consider when making a decision. This knowledge will allow you to develop a preliminary request for child support and to fight for a fair division of the financial burden. And that is our mission – to provide you with all the necessary information as well as the skilled and avid representation that will protect your and your child’s needs.

Why Hire a Child Support Lawyer to Handle Your Case?

While child support is an issue that naturally arises during a divorce, unmarried parents frequently go to court to debate this issue, as well. Unfortunately, this can often result in further complications because unmarried partners are not always afforded the same legal protections as married couples in California. Yet we know that your marital status does not change the amount of love you have for your child, and we will fight to ensure that your son or daughter has their every need met. It can be impossible for you to properly care for your child when the financial burden is not shared evenly with the other parent. Thus, our goal is to secure that fair division of financial responsibility.

If you already have child support orders in place but find that they are not sufficient to provide for your child’s needs, we can help you request that modifications be made. This can also be true if you Whatever your situation, we offer Free Case Evaluations so that we can learn your specific needs and tailor our service just to you.

Whether you are married or not, having a zealous and meticulous representative on your side will make all the difference in child custody determinations. Having worked in Victorville family courts for years, our attorneys know exactly what these specific judges will expect from you and how to present a strong case before them. They know the exact criteria that lay the foundation for all child support orders (e.g. physical custody, visitation, income, expenses, etc.) in California. It is never recommended for an individual to represent themselves during child support litigations because any decisions the judge makes are extremely difficult to change and can have long-lasting consequences on you and your children. Even if you are going through uncontested and peaceable child custody negotiations, we can inform you and ensure that every decision you sign off on is backed by complete knowledge and awareness of the repercussions. During a divorce, child support issues are typically resolved as a tangential part of the legal proceedings, usually roped into child custody determinations. However, that does not mean that the judge will simply award an arbitrary amount to the custodial parent. Rather, child support is determined by its own set of criteria and calculations. Thus, it is essential to build a solid, separate case to argue for the child support specifications that you believe would be best suited for you and your child. In some cases, the divorcing couple is already living separately and is unsure how to split the financial burden. The parent who is currently caring for the children might need extra funds to provide for them. In these instances, the judge might call for temporary child support orders. He or she will examine the child’s current living situations and the parent’s current financial situations before the divorce proceedings are fully underway and serve out a temporary mandate that the parents must follow before the other issues in the divorce are even discussed. If you feel that this order is not adequate or is impeding on your ability to provide for yourself on top of the divorce expenses, don’t hesitate to call us.

Petitioning for Child Support in Victorville.

If you are a single parent who is the primary caregiver for your child and you wish to request child support, we will help you fill out the necessary paperwork and determine an initial amount to request. We can also help you to prove parentage, if necessary. If your child currently lives with you, but you do not have primary legal custody over them and would like to have legal documents signifying your rights over your child, we can help you secure those. While all the procedures and paperwork can seem overwhelming, we will guide and support you through each step.

If you are a single parent who does not have primary custody over your child and you have had child support requested from you, we can act as your consultant and representative. We will inform you of your rights and ensure that you are not being taken advantage of. In court, we will advocate for your financial security so that you can continue to provide for yourself while also taking care of your child. The judge will consider income and expenses when mandating child support from a non-custodial parent, but he or she will also consider visitation rights (or time spent with the child). Thus, if you have not worked out the details of the child custody arrangements, we can initiate and guide you through that preliminary process.

If you are already receiving child support, but find that the amount is not significant enough to adequately provide for your child(ren), contact us. We can help you request modifications from the court or find alternative legal options. If you are currently paying child support, but find yourself unable to make the payments or feel that you are being treated unfairly, give us a call, preferably before you miss a payment. While it can be difficult to change child support mandates once the judge gives them, we can always help you explore your options.

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