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Six Reasons Why We Are the Best Divorce Attorneys in Victorville

Our Family Law attorneys are experienced family law courts in your area. There is no substitute for local experience and knowledge of local legal strategies. We are present and defending cases in your area every day of the week.


Our fees are affordable and the most affordable on the market. In addition, our attorneys work hard to resolve your matter efficiently, in a way that ultimately saves you money in a timely manner.


Our family attorneys fight hard to get our clients the results they need. We tailor our representation to seek great results that make sense for our clients under their particular circumstances.


All of our Attorneys love practicing family law and care deeply about their clients. This reflects in everything they do. In family law, having an attorney who cares enough to work hard and fight for you, makes all the difference.


Our attorneys make themselves accessible to their clients. Our phones are answered by a live person from 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST, Monday through Friday. Feel free to give us a call at any time for a Free Case Evaluation or questions at (800) 968-5313.


Our attorneys are skilled family law practitioners. We practice family law exclusively in your areas.

Victorville Divorce Attorneys

When going through a divorce, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos and confusion. We are here to clear the way for you. Divorce is never a straightforward process, and can be the cause of much stress. That is why we believe in providing exceptional legal services at such affordable prices. We are passionate about giving people a low-cost way of obtaining a peaceful solution to a chaotic situation. Even if you and your spouse have separated on friendly terms and agree on the way your lives will be structured post-divorce, the legal proceedings are multifaceted and cannot be treated lightly. Every decision that you and your spouse make will affect some aspect of your future, and we will make sure that your case is treated with the time and attention you deserve. It may be the case that you and your spouse separated in a more hostile manner. This probably resulted in several heated debates over the way your lives will be after the divorce. If you and your partner cannot agree on the specifications of your separation, you must obtain legal representation. Representing yourself in Victorville courts without the necessary training and experience could spell irreversible disaster for you in the future. Whether your divorce was amicable or hostile, call us for a Free Case Evaluation. We will listen intently to your story, provide compassionate and expert consultation, and begin strategizing on how to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Schank & Associates Victorville Divorce Lawyers.

Our attorneys will always strive to resolve your divorce as quickly and amicably as possible. Often, this is best done through uncontested divorce, where you and your partner meet together with your lawyers and decide on the specifications of the divorce. Although uncontested divorce is often the easier option, it still involves several detailed steps in determining the post-divorce arrangements, none of which should be dismissed. Thus, we will begin by helping you prepare for the process of going through an uncontested divorce, laying out all the details so no stone is left unturned. We consider it our ethical duty to make sure that you understand the information being discussed and can make completely informed decisions. We will then help you with the actual negotiation process between you and your spouse, ensuring that your rights are protected and your interests are upheld. And at the end of it all, we will help you to compile all of your decisions into a legally binding document that can be presented to and signed off by a Victorville judge. Alternatively, we can also act as a mediator between you and your spouse. This means that we will not serve as a representative for either of you specifically, but rather as a shared facilitator for the mediation proceedings. Whichever option you choose for your uncontested divorce, we will always emphasize collaboration and work to mitigate any conflicts that can arise so that you may begin rebuilding your life as quickly as possible.

Understanding the Divorce Process

Not every divorce can be resolved in such an amicable and collaborative manner. Many couples make an honest effort to decide on the terms of the divorce but are unable to reach satisfactory conclusions on their own. Others cannot even attempt the negotiation process because every conversation they have results in heated arguments. Especially for divorces that end on such unfriendly terms, filing for a contested divorce is typically the only way to reach a conclusion. Thus, in circumstances where litigation is a necessity, we can help you to prepare a solid case to help convince the judge to your side of the issues. We can help you prioritize your desires and your non-negotiables and create a plan of action on how to achieve your preferences. We will also step with you into the courtroom, using our years of experience in persuasion to convince the judge to see your point of view on the issues at hand. Of course, we cannot realistically guarantee that every issue will be resolved to your satisfaction, but our promise to you is that we will exhaust every option and utilize every tactic we know in order to give you the most satisfactory result possible.

Additional Factors to Consider During Divorce Proceedings.

There are more extreme circumstances such as domestic violence or other forms of abuse or maltreatment that could warrant a more immediate response. If you are in a situation such as this, call us immediately. We can help you secure the necessary legal protection that will help you go through with a divorce. You are our priority, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are able to start a new, fulfilling, and safe life away from your former partner.

Whether you are going through an uncontested or a contested divorce, there are an array of different topics that must be decided on in both types of proceedings. These include, but are not limited to, child custody and support arrangements, property and/or pension division, financial obligations, grandparent’s or extended family members visitation rights, and more. In all of our years of working within Victorville’s family courts, we have seen a myriad of different issues arise, and you would find it difficult to bring up an issue that we have not had experience handling. Whether it be a simple, uncontested divorce that last only a few days or an intricate, heavily contested, high-net-worth divorce that lasts months – we have seen it all. But we have also learned the balance between relying on our experience and listening intently to our client’s specific needs. We will combine our expertise with your desires in order to tackle this divorce head-on and come up with a solution that will set you up for a fresh new start.

The reason we began this firm is to provide individuals with affordable options that will allow them to start again and build a better, brighter future for themselves and their family. This core principle is what guides all of our actions. Thus, Schank & Associates not seeks to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion to a tumultuous time, but to constantly exceed your expectations.

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The Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates is Victorvilles premier family law firm. Located in historic Downtown Victorville, our office is approximately one block away from the Victorville Family Law Court. Our team of family law strategists is lead by a Certified Family Law Specialist overseeing associate attorneys with enough accumulative experience in every facet of the family law legal system. The resources Schank & Associates brings to the table are virtually unmatched in San Bernardino County. Call us today, we’d love to put our resources and experience to work for you.

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