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San Jose Guardianship Lawyers in San Jose, CA

Life can hurl obstacles at us at any given moment, and while emotionally preparing for those events can be immensely difficult, preparing for them legally doesn’t have to be. If you find yourself worrying about the future care of a loved one, finding a guardianship attorney in Santa Clara county to help you draft a comprehensive care-taking plan can greatly ease the burden on your mind. There are several situations that call for this. You may be a parent, considering the future of your child and wishing to ensure that they are safe if something happens to you. You may be a son or a daughter with a parent who can no longer care for themselves, and you wish to take over their financial burden and make decisions on their behalf. Perhaps you’re finding it impossible to provide for your own family while giving your mother or father the attention they need and wish to appoint someone you trust as their caretaker. You may be an adult concerned about the day when you can no longer provide for yourself and manage your property. Perhaps you desire to help a child whose parents are no longer able to care for them. If you are in one of these or a similar situation, take pride in your vigilance. You have already taken the first step in preparing for an unpredictable future by finding someone you trust who can be legally appointed to care for yourself or those you love. Guardianship can be complex, but for a good reason, since it involves creating a comprehensive plan that will provide the loved one with what they need. Over the years, Schank and Associates have brought onto our team some of the most compassionate and experienced guardianship lawyers who have walked many people through this emotional process. We offer free, confidential, and empathetic legal consultations designed to provide you with legal advice specific to your situation.

A San Jose Guardianship Lawyer That Cares

If you are a parent who wishes to plan ahead for their child, recruiting a guardianship attorney in San Jose to help appoint someone as your child’s temporary, legal caretaker is essential. This could be the case for military members, who know that they will be leaving for a long period of time and desire that someone be there to look out for their son or daughter. It could also be the case for parents concerned that they may pass away or become incapacitated before their child is able to care for themselves. We understand how incredibly painful this can be to discuss, especially with a stranger. We also know that your love for your child cannot be put into words, and you wish to ensure that they are cared for even in the event of tragic circumstances. By allowing our Bay Area attorneys to assist you in navigating the Santa Clara guardianship requirements, you can put your mind at ease knowing that whatever happens, your child’s care will be put into the hands of someone you trust.

Perhaps you know of a child who has already had tragedy befall them. Whether their biological parents have passed away, gone missing, or are no longer able to care for them due to debilitating circumstances (such as illness, drug abuse, or jail time), it is necessary that a guardian be chosen. The city of San Jose will often appoint someone in these circumstances; however, if you are seeking to become a guardian over the child, then you may request this from Santa Clara family courts. Note that guardianship is not permanent, like adoption. Rather, it is a temporary arrangement that is closely supervised by the city of San Jose, meant to care for the child before they find a permanent home or reach the age of majority.

Family Law Attorneys in San Jose for Guardianship

Some cases necessitate that guardians be appointed over adults who are no longer able to make decisions about themselves or their property and finances. If you are concerned about your own future care and the care of your property, you can specify a guardian (called a conservator) for yourself when the time comes. We know that this is an especially difficult topic to discuss, and you can take pride and find peace in the fact that you are preparing for an uncertain future. The details of conservatorships differ with every situation, and consulting a conservatorship attorney in San Jose will ensure that every aspect is covered. We make sure that you are matched with an attorney who provides empathy and compassion as well as meticulous attention to detail so that you can be at peace knowing your future is in good hands.

If one of your elderly loved ones is no longer making decisions and caring for him or herself and you wish to take over that responsibility for them, then you have come to the right place. By requesting that you be named conservator over them, you are providing them with a comfortable life and making sure that they no longer need to worry about their finances, property, and provisions. If you find that you are struggling to balance your own life and the care of your loved one, you are not alone. There should be no guilt associated with your desire to find a legal caretaker to watch over them since you are simply ensuring that they receive the best care possible. Our San Jose family law firm will guide you through each and every step, ensuring that Santa Clara county appoints someone you trust to take over the responsibilities and that your parent, grandparent, or friend are treated with the kindness and attentiveness they deserve.

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