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Child Support Attorneys in San Jose, CA

In San Jose, child support is the source of much tension during child custody and divorce litigations, since it can often involve hefty sums that weigh heavily on the payor. It also incites plenty of confusion and stress due to the complex way in which the judge will make his final decision. This decision is based on the child’s best interest, and will greatly depend on the current financial state that both parents are in. Child support disputes are typically brought to Santa Clara courts during legal separations or divorces or due to requests from a parent who was never married to their child’s mother or father. Finding yourself in any of these situations can cause great anxiety, and recruiting the help of a legal professional is vital to securing your hard-earned assets while making sure that your child is provided for satisfactorily and fairly. Judges in Santa Clara county consider several factors when determining the specifics of child support payments, all intended to give your son or daughter a chance at a fulfilling life. The most prominent of these criteria are income and time spent with the child (which is determined during child custody disputes), but encompass many other details specific to your situation.

Child Support Lawyers, Proven Winners.

The family legal services we offer in the Bay Area go in-depth into your background and current circumstances to uncover exactly what the judge will look for when determining the guideline support for you and the other party. We can also ensure that any piece of information that could better the situation for you and your child is brought to light. There are several forms that the City of San Jose requires you to submit for child support, which differ depending on whether you are requesting it or have had it requested of you and whether you are married to the child’s mother or father. These documents are not to be taken lightly, as the questions they contain will be the foundation of the judge’s conclusions. We know that you wish your child to have the best future possible, but ensuring that the financial burden is split fairly is part of securing that future. By allowing a San Jose child support attorney from Schank & Associates to assist you with the complex matters of child support and custody, you never enter the courtroom alone, but rather with a powerful advocate equipped with financial and legal expertise.

Santa Clara County Child Support

The way in which judges calculate child support in Santa Clara county depends mostly on the parents’ salaries and their visitation schedules. However, several sources of revenue, expense and tax information, and a multitude of factors relating to your personal life can be examined as well. Thus, you are already ahead of the game by consulting our team at Schank & Associates, whose attorneys not only have legal expertise but solid financial backgrounds that enable them to assess your individual situation and uncover what will influence how the judge decides on the amount of child support payments. If you are currently receiving child support from the other parent, but feel that it is not enough to adequately provide for your child’s needs, contact an attorney right away. There are several conditions in which you can request more child support in Santa Clara courts, and we will meticulously craft your case and back up your claims so that your appeal is as strong as possible. Also, if the mother or father is not paying child support, it is time to take legal action.

Child Support San Jose, CA

Since the city of San Jose knows that this can impede your ability to provide for your child’s health and safety, this offense is not taken lightly. It must be brought before a judge before you take any action yourself, especially since you are not allowed to withhold custody or visitation rights when the other party is not fulfilling their end of the agreement. Thus, our attorneys will aggressively seek to remedy the situation and help enforce the court-mandated support. Some special circumstances greatly call for legal advice, such as those where the other parent is incarcerated, their location is unknown, or if the child has reached the age when child support is typically terminated but the payments due before this time were incomplete or never received. If you are in any of these situations, contact us right away. Similarly, if you have already had child support ordered against you and feel that you have been treated unfairly or you are being financially crippled by the demands, don’t hesitate to contact us.

San Jose Child Support Lawyers

While the judge’s orders are strict, there are several cases in which you can appeal your case and request that the amount is changed. We know that financial stress can impact not only your wallet but your personal life and health. Thus, your attorney will exhaust every option and cover every base to fight for your needs. Do not wait until you miss a payment – the punishments for doing so can be severe. If you are already late on child support payments, act immediately by recruiting an attorney who will explain your situation and mitigate the consequences.

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