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Easily the most complicated and emotional aspect of divorce and separation, San Jose child custody can turn even the simplest of cases into a battleground. We know that you do not take your child’s well-being and your relationship with him or her lightly. That’s why you’re here searching for an assertive, meticulous Santa Clara county. Rights and responsibilities over childcare are intricate and multifaceted, and relinquishing some rights that you might consider to be minor could mean losing the ability to weigh in on extremely important matters in the future. Discussing the details of your case with a seasoned lawyer will ensure that every decision is made with full awareness of the possible repercussions so that as your child walks through life you can be there to guide them. After deciding upon the specifics of the negotiations, your lawyer can then walk you through all the paperwork required by the City of San Jose and make the process as speedy and hassle-free as possible.

Child Custody Lawyer San Jose, CA

Of course, the ideal arrangement of uncontested divorce is not always seen in Santa Clara courts. Child custody cases can quickly turn vicious, especially given the high level of emotional investment that each party has in the matter. In the worst cases domestic violence, neglect, abuse, or other forms of maltreatment can necessitate speedy and severe limitations against one parent, such as restraining orders. We understand how difficult these topics can be to discuss, and over the years our firm has made a strong presence in the Bay Area, building up a compassionate, experienced team who knows exactly how to handle the most complex and traumatic custody struggles. This is the time to be proactive and vigilant. Let us help you be just that. We can clear up the legal jargon and complicated procedures so that you can focus on what matters: the best possible outcome for your child.

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In fact, the judge will base all of his decisions on that exact principle: seeking a conclusion that will give your child the best chance in life. Child custody is not intended to be a punishment or reward for either parent; living arrangements, financial responsibilities, rights to make decisions – each of these are determined based on the specific needs of your son or daughter. Thus, having a lawyer who can accurately and convincingly display your ability to meet your child’s needs and provide them with an excellent upbringing will ensure that you are given your best chance as a parent.

When negotiating contested child custody terms, you can expect a few things. First, anticipate that your partner will likely recruit a lawyer who will use whatever means necessary to attain the result your spouse desires, even at your expense. Thus, any information that could potentially harm your reputation or good standing must be brought up to your lawyer, so they are prepared to defend against even the most brutal attacks. Second, know that your spouse’s lawyer may not consider what is in the best interest of your child, but might only consider what your spouse wants. Our child custody lawyers will constantly remind the judge of what would best help your son or daughter, knowing that that is what San Jose judges consider first and foremost. Of course, our desire is to find a solution that will allow you to preserve your relationship with your child. Barring harmful or violent situations, children often benefit most from maintaining contact with both parents, so we will work towards that goal.

Family Law Lawyers for Child Custody in San Jose, CA

In some cases, unmarried couples must go through child custody battles as well. Of course, this can complicate matters, as the judge cannot automatically assume who the biological father is. Paternity must be proven before a mother can claim financial support from the father or before the father can request custody and visitation rights. Many unmarried fathers feel that the odds are stacked against them in this situation, but having legal representation and specific documentation of their rights can arm them during disputes regarding child support, visitations, and/or parental rights. On the other hand, many mothers feel that they are not receiving the support necessary to provide for a child, especially if they are doing so on their own. Finding lawyers who know the exact criteria that San Jose judges consider when making their decision can better help you fight for your and your child’s needs. If you find yourself on either side of this situation, contact a lawyer in our San Jose office immediately so they can explain the details of this complicated matter and equip you with powerful representation.

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