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Six Reasons Why We Are the Best San Bernardino Child Custody Attorneys

Our Family Law attorneys are experienced family law courts in your area. There is no substitute for local experience and knowledge of local legal strategies. We are present and defending cases in your area every day of the week.


Our fees are affordable and the most affordable on the market. In addition, our attorneys work hard to resolve your matter efficiently, in a way that ultimately saves you money in a timely manner.


Our family attorneys fight hard to get our clients the results they need. We tailor our representation to seek great results that make sense for our clients under their particular circumstances.


All of our Attorneys love practicing family law and care deeply about their clients. This reflects in everything they do. In family law, having an attorney who cares enough to work hard and fight for you, makes all the difference.


Our attorneys make themselves accessible to their clients. Our phones are answered by a live person from 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST, Monday through Friday. Feel free to give us a call at any time for a Free Case Evaluation or questions at (800) 968-5313.


Our attorneys are skilled family law practitioners. We practice family law exclusively in your areas.

San Bernardino Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is one of the most complex areas of divorce, and rightfully so, since a child’s entire future depends greatly on where they will be raised and the time they will spend with each parent. Because of the serious nature of the topics that must be discussed, this is the area of divorce where we see the most heated arguments occur. As such, it is a process that absolutely necessitates legal representation. Navigating the complex system of child custody on your own could be disastrous for your family, leaving your child ill-prepared for a successful future. Our mission at Schank & Associates is to provide you with compassionate, attentive advice and solid representation that will ensure that your child will have their absolute best chance in life.

Often, couples choose to meet together and deliberate over the terms of the child custody arrangements. This is typically the best option, since it allows them to turn their differences into a working arrangement and focus their attention on what is best for their son or daughter. This also often has the best results for the child, since it is more peaceful than courtroom arguments and thus allows them to come to terms with the divorce. During this process, you will discuss the different options for physical custody and visitation rights for both you and the other parent. Of course, it isn’t just living arrangements that are on the table. Rather, you and the other parent must agree on the child’s education, their religious upbringing, relative’s visitation rights, health decisions, and more. Each of these topics will be compiled into a parenting plan that you and your former partner will sign off on. It is imperative that you have a lawyer present with you during the negotiations, even if it is simply to double-check the plan before signing anything. Each and every decision that you lay out in the collaborative parenting plan could have serious repercussions years later. And these decisions are very difficult to change once you sign of on them, so you must be absolutely certain that you enter the agreement fully informed. Having dealt with hundreds of child custody negotiations, our attorneys can map out what your future will look like once the parenting plan is in action. During negotiations, we will ensure that all the discussions stay civil, on-topic, and extremely detailed. Mediations can be difficult, especially if the relationship ended in less-than-friendly terms. However, we are have seen even the worst cases to satisfactory and amicable conclusions, despite whatever previous tensions may have existed. We will make sure that you are able to express and fight for your wishes and that your rights are vigilantly protected.

Child Custody Attorneys in San Bernardino CA

However, we know that there are cases where negotiations are not at all possible. Perhaps there has even been a history of abuse in the home that prevents you from safely meeting with your spouse to negotiate the terms of child custody. Whatever the case may be, if you and the other parent are unable to reach an agreement on any or all of the issues, we can help you take your case to court. There, we will represent you as an individual rather than as a shared mediator and build you a compelling case in favor of your preferred custody arrangement. By gathering evidence and using compelling rhetoric, we will help you show the judge exactly why your preference will be best for the child. Remember, the judge will always base each and every decision on the child’s best interest. We know that this is the basis for your desires as well and that you are fighting to set your child up for the best possible life. However, we also understand that this can be difficult to prove to a judge, especially in the face of harsh opposition. But we know San Bernardino county’s judges, courtrooms, and attorneys, and are prepared to handle any counterarguments that come our way. When it comes to debating child custody specifications, you must recruit a lawyer who has worked within San Bernardino county itself, or you risk losing your case in the tangled web of county-specific laws and proceedings. This is why we hire attorneys who have that combination of extensive legal training and experience specific to San Bernardino. opposition. Should your child custody escalate into a litigation, we will be there every step of the way, clearing up the legal mess into a step-by-step plan to secure an amazing future for your son or daughter.
Whether you choose collaborative mediation to determine custody arrangements or you must undergo heated courtroom litigations, we are here for you.

If you are not married to your child’s father or mother and wish to obtain custody rights over your son or daughter, call us right away. California’s laws surrounding custody rights for unmarried parents are complicated, even more so than for married parents. If your child is current living with you and has been for several years, it can be frightening when the other parent steps in and files for custody rights. This is especially true if you and your past partner did not get along during the relationship. In circumstances such as these, we will do everything in our power to see that your parental rights are upheld and current living arrangements are taken into consideration in the final judgement.

San Bernardino County Child Custody Attorneys

You may, on the other hand, be a parent who has not been able to see your child in the past, whether due to unfortunate life circumstances or even the ill wishes of the other parent. Obtaining custody or visitation rights may seem virtually impossible, especially if it has been several years since you last had contact with your son or daughter. However, if there is one thing that sets the lawyers at our firm apart from others, it is our ethical belief that every family deserves the chance at happiness. No matter the opposition, we will fight for your right to give your child the love and care they need.

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