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The financial circumstances of a child are one of the most significant predictors of their
well-being and success. This is why child support is so highly contested in Sacramento, and why
hiring a child support attorney who knows the intricate laws and mistakes common in California
is so important. Most often, child support is discussed during a divorce or legal separation.
However, unmarried parents often go through the process of requesting child support or
responding to a request for child support. In the following paragraphs, we hope to clear up
much of the confusion surrounding child support in Sacramento and answer some frequently
asked questions about child support. However, please do not consider this to be legal advice, as
your situation could warrant different advice and action steps. That is why we provide free
consultations, so you can personally ask our child support lawyers in Sacramento any questions
related to your case.

Request for Child Support in Sacramento, California

Child Support Orders During a Divorce
During a divorce, child support determinations can happen in two main ways: mediation
or litigation. Child support mediation is mandatory in divorce in Sacramento if it occurs during
child custody arrangements. This is because it usually results in better outcomes for the child,
since both parents will be able to discuss their child’s needs and make arrangements that will
meet those needs together. Our child support attorneys can guide you through this process by
helping you fill out all child support forms and facilitating child support negotiations. We will
also let you know what each decision you come to will mean for your and your child’s future
before you sign off on a child support agreement. For more information on child custody or
mediated divorce, please visit those respective pages. If you cannot come to a child support
agreement through mediation, you will have to go through a child support hearing (often
included in child custody hearings).

Child Support Orders for Unmarried Parents in Sacramento, California

If unmarried parents would like to request child support, they must submit a petition to
Sacramento courts. However, before they can official request child support, they must prove
parentage. This can be done either by a declaration from both parents that they are indeed the
biological mother and father of that child. Or, if one parent does not want to declare parentage,
they could be subject to a DNA test. Once parentage is proven, you can open a case for child
support in Sacramento. This case can either stem from the parentage case or (if parentage was
already proven) it can be a case specifically for child custody and/or support or for a domestic
violence restraining order or another related family law issue.

Child Support Forms in Sacramento, California

To request child support in Sacramento, you must fill out detailed child support forms
that will request a variety of personal and financial information from you. If you are responding
to a child support request, the forms will differ slightly. Likewise, if you are modifying an
existing child support order (either to increase child support or decrease child support), you will
have to fill out a separate form. Always have your child support attorney review these for you
before you submit them, since mistakes can cost you valuable time and money.

Child Support Determining Factors – How the Judge Will Decide Who Pays Child Support in Sacramento

The number one factor of child support in California is the child’s best interest. Thus, the
judge will always look to reach a financial situation that will best benefit the child, not one that
will reward or punish either parent. In order to determine child support arrangements, the
judge can examine:

  • Who has legal and/or physical custody of the child
  • The visitation schedules of both parties
  • And the ability of both parties to financially support the child

Child Support Determining Factors – How the Judge Will Decide on the Amount of Child Support in Sacramento

There is no “average” amount of child support, since it will always depend on the
individual situations of both parents. Thus, in addition to the criteria used to determine who
will pay child support (as mentioned above), the judge will decide how much child support the
payor will owe based on:

  • Sources of income (main and alternative)
  • Taxes
  • Child’s financial needs
  • Expenses of the parents

Your child support attorney can examine your individual situation and give you a good
estimate on how much you will be paying for child support.

Modifying Child Support Orders in Sacramento

In order to modify child support, whether you’re trying to increase the amount of child
support, decrease the child support payments, or stop paying child support altogether, you
must show that there was a significant change of circumstances.

Need More Child Support? – How to Increase Child Support

If you are struggling to meet your child’s needs on the current amount of child support that you are receiving, you can request more child support from Sacramento courts. Our child support attorneys will help identify the financial changes in your life that necessitate additional child support and help persuade the judge to grant you the support. This change of circumstances could be

  • Drastic change in salary
  • Unemployment
  • Increase in the needs of your child
  • Having more children to care for

This list does not include all your options, of course, so call us to see exactly how we can
prove to the judge that your circumstances have changed.

Cannot Make Child Support Payments? – How to Decrease Child Support

If you are on the opposite side of the matter and are currently paying child support but
find that you can no longer afford to pay it or feel that the amount requested of you was not
fair, call us. We can help you prove that you need the child support lowered in order to better
provide for yourself. Don’t miss a payment, as this could result in harsh consequences, which
we discuss more down below.

How to Enforce Child Support Orders in Sacramento, California

Mother or Father Not Paying Child Support
If you are supposed to be receiving child support and the mother or father is not paying
child support, you can take legal action to enforce the child support order. But first you must
have the official order in place. Thus, if you and your partner came to an unofficial child support
arrangement outside of Sacramento courts and the mother or father is not holding up her or his
end of the deal, you cannot legally enforce the child support, since it was never made official.
Thus, you will have to start at the beginning and request child support from Sacramento courts
before you can enforce the order.

If you have an official child support order from a Sacramento judge and the payor has
missed child support payments, then you can take legal action. Never attempt to withhold
visitation or custody rights from the other parent as a form of punishment, or you could be
penalized as well. You must go directly to Sacramento courts to enforce the child support order.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Child Support?

If you do not pay child support, you will first be issued a delinquency notice. This means
that you have a certain amount of time to make the payment and get the notice dismissed or
further action will be taken against you. If you continue to miss payments, you will be fined for
every payment you miss, which will only place more strain on your finances. Continuing to not
make child support payments could lead to Sacramento county suspending your license or
registration and, eventually, holding you in contempt of court and scheduling a hearing. Call us
before this happens to you, so we can help you modify your child support order, if necessary.

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