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Riverside Guardianship Attorney

The world can be a cold and harsh place, and those who are defenseless are often the first to fall victim to its cruelty. Children are among the most vulnerable population, and while, in an ideal world, their parents would be there to protect and care for them, in reality that is not always possible. Yet even when the parents are unable to look after their children, those young ones should never be abandoned. Therefore, in such cases, it is necessary for someone else to be chosen as their guardian. Riverside family courts can designate alternative guardianship over a child for many different reasons. Sometimes, the parents desperately wish to provide for their child, but are unable to do so. They might be mentally or physical sick and deemed incapacitated. Or they could be struggling with substance addiction that is inhibiting their ability to attend to their child. Alternatively, they might be a military member who will be stationed overseas for months or even years and wish to ensure that their child is properly cared for during that time. Of course, in some of the worst cases, abuse or neglect can call for the child to be immediately removed from the home. If you know of a child who is at risk due to any of these or different threatening circumstances, and feel that it is necessary to legally remove the child from their biological parents, contact a guardianship lawyer in Riverside county immediately. Whether you wish to be appointed as their guardian, or you simply desire to make their situation known so a guardian may be appointed to them, you are making a brave and honorable decision. When you are seeking to become guardian over a child, the official process can be confusing, intricate, and highly emotional. That is why Schank& Associates took on a team of lawyers who not only have the extensive legal experience to guide you through the process, but have the compassion and understanding to support you and the child through this harsh time. First and foremost, we wish you both to receive the help and support you need, which is why we provide free consultations to ensure that you are matched with an attorney best suited for you.

Riverside Guardianship Lawyer

Filing a petition for guardianship in Riverside county requires that you open an official case in Riverside courts and fill out the paperwork for guardianship. Note that guardianship is not the same as adoption. It is designed to be temporary, ensuring that someone is looking over the child until their parents are once again fit to raise them, they reach the age of majority, or they are officially adopted into a new family. Thus, a guardian’s rights over the child are limited. Those limits depend on the nature of the child’s circumstance and the ability of the parents to exercise their parental rights. Many also wonder if there is a difference between guardianship and custody over the child. Simply put, guardianship usually grants a qualified third party temporary legal and/or physical custody over the child if the parent is deemed unfit. However, the extent to which the guardian can make decisions over the child depends entirely on the court’s rulings. For instance, sometimes Riverside courts will decide that the child’s home is not suitable and remove them from their parent’s physical custody, but still allow the mom and/or dad to retain all legal custody rights over their child. The complexities of guardianship can be cleared up by professional legal guidance. Our guardianship attorneys have worked extensively in Riverside county courts and know the exact requirements of requesting guardianship over a child. When calling for your free consultation, you can provide us with the details of your case so that we can identify the correct course of action. We want you and the child to have the best chance at a fulfilling and joyful life, and are determined to make that possible for you.

Riverside Family Attorneys for Guardianship Cases

Of course, it is not always children who are at risk and vulnerable. Sometimes, debilitating illness or old age can make it difficult or impossible for an adult to care for themselves. In this case, they or their loved one can appoint a legal guardian (called a conservator for adults) to oversee the care of the adult (called the conservatee). This can include physically caring for them as well as making legal decisions regarding their finances, property, and other affairs. Seeing someone you love unable to care for themselves can be heartbreaking and traumatic, so we will treat this case with the delicacy and compassion you both deserve. While this is an incredibly difficult topic to discuss, you are making the right choice by seeking out the legal authority to assist your parent, grandparent, or loved one. We will guide you through the process and help you fill out all the necessary paperwork. If you are unable to balance the care of the conservatee with the care of your own family, then you can always ask for another trusted conservator to be appointed over your loved one. Whatever the circumstance, we are here to support and assist you with legal and emotional support.


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