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Family Law Mediation in California

California divorce law provides many possible solutions for divorce and custody disputes. One of the best kept secrets in the California Divorce process and among California Divorce Attorneys is the option of Mediation. At Schank & Associates are committed to informing our clients about this powerful and affordable option. Mediating Family Law matters is a good alternative to litigating them. Our Mediation Attorneys practice alternative dispute resolution and utilize these skills in mediating cases in a non-adversarial manner. Often, Mediation is an expeditious way of handling a marital termination, custody dispute or support issue without the inherent complications, delays and expenses. Mediation includes many advantages, such as preservation of fragile relationships, realistic compromise, and the ability to avoid costly legal bills.

Benefits of Choosing Meditation

A successful mediation will usually save both parties thousands of dollars in legal fees, in addition to preventing even further deterioration of the relationship between the parties. This concept becomes even more important when children are involved, since parents who litigate usually find it very difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with one another after the litigation dust settles. We are committed to assisting our clients with preserving these fragile relationships.

With the assistance of our Mediation Attorneys, parties end up with a better idea of whether a mediated resolution is worth considering, after weighing the possible outcomes that might result if the case were litigated.

There can be a significant cost savings for both parties when they decide to mediate, rather than litigate, a case. Our skilled Mediation Attorneys work with parties, opposing counsel and industry specific experts to facilitate a mediated resolution. We are committed to the concept that money spent on protracted and costly litigation can be much better spent towards a person’s or family’s future.

Our Mediation Attorneys will listen to you and understand your priorities and concerns about mediation. With our expertise, experience and empathy, we are highly successful in advocating our clients’ wishes to the court. Our skilled mediation lawyers will help you reach sound decisions that safeguard the future of your partner and your relationships with them.

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