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Six Reasons Why We Are the Best Orange County Spousal Support Attorneys

Our Family Law attorneys are experienced family law courts in your area. There is no substitute for local experience and knowledge of local legal strategies. We are present and defending cases in your area every day of the week.


Our fees are affordable and the most affordable on the market. In addition, our attorneys work hard to resolve your matter efficiently, in a way that ultimately saves you money in a timely manner.


Our family attorneys fight hard to get our clients the results they need. We tailor our representation to seek great results that make sense for our clients under their particular circumstances.


All of our Attorneys love practicing family law and care deeply about their clients. This reflects in everything they do. In family law, having an attorney who cares enough to work hard and fight for you, makes all the difference.


Our attorneys make themselves accessible to their clients. Our phones are answered by a live person from 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST, Monday through Friday. Feel free to give us a call at any time for a Free Case Evaluation or questions at (800) 968-5313.


Our attorneys are skilled family law practitioners. We practice family law exclusively in your areas.

Orange County Spousal Support Attorneys

Divorce not only taxes your emotions, but it can place great strain on your financial stability as well. The whole situation is heartbreaking, and while you and your children are trying to heal and deal with the pain of the separation, you must now also worry about regaining your economic footing. Often those who worry most about their ability to provide for themselves and their children after the divorce are those who did not work (or worked minimally) during the marriage. Perhaps you had the honorable, but intensely demanding job of caring for your children and your household and were not able to gain the experience and skills necessary for reentry into the workforce, especially in a place as competitive as Orange County. Or perhaps you have an illness or disability that makes working most or all jobs an impossibility. If you are in one of these or similar circumstances and are concerned that you may not be able to find employment after your divorce is finalized, then requesting additional financial support from your spouse could save you immense amounts of stress. Spousal support, or alimony, will give you the monetary assistance needed to regain your footing and acquire the training and experience to find employment that is suitable for your needs. Perhaps, however, this does not describe you. Maybe you are currently paying spousal support but feel that it was not justly requested of you and is impeding on your ability to provide for yourself and your children. If this is the case, you can request for spousal support to be fairly amended so that you can successfully rebuild your life after the divorce. Whatever your situation may be, the first step is ensuring that you have a divorce attorney from Orange County on your side who can walk you through the steps of requesting or modifying alimony, explain how alimony is calculated, and persuade the judge that your situation necessitates the additional support. You deserve to seek happiness after a turbulent marriage and to have the means to pave a path to a successful and fulfilling life. We wholeheartedly want that for you, which is why we provide free consultations for spousal support in Orange County, so you can make sure we’ll be a good match before you make any commitments.

Spousal Support Attorneys in Orange County, CA

Before you call us about your case, we want to provide you with background information on the laws surrounding spousal support in California. Every person requires a different amount of financial assistance and for different lengths of time, which is why Orange County outlines several types of alimony that can be granted. Every type is meant to ensure that you can have close to or the same quality of life that you enjoyed during the marriage. You can request temporary alimony, which is paid during the divorce but not after the separation is finalized. If needed, you can request rehabilitative alimony that extends beyond the time the divorce is concluded. This is designed to give you enough funds to provide for your family whilst you gain the experience, skills, and training you need to find a good job. Another type of alimony can be requested only if you spent large sums of money on your spouse during your marriage and wish for it to be reimbursed to provide you with much-needed funds post-divorce. Lastly, if you are permanently unable to work due to a physical or mental disability or illness, you can request that alimony be paid for the rest of your life. The judge calculates alimony by examining several factors in both you and your spouse’s lives, including the amount of money you both had access to during the marriage, your and your spouse’s health, your current and past employment and salaries, the skills and experience both of you possess, who has legal and physical custody over the children, and other specifications. The process of requesting alimony and proving it is necessary can be daunting and stressful. However, rest assured that you have already taken the right step by searching for a spousal support attorney. Throughout our years as divorce lawyers in Orange County, we have successfully fought for our client’s needs regardless of the strength of the opposition. We are well-versed in the specific criteria that the judge will look at and how to highlight certain aspects of your life to convince them undoubtedly that your request should be fulfilled. Once you call us for your free consultation, we will immediately begin putting together your case. We will help you fill out all spousal support forms and identify which details of your situation should be brought up to the judge to make the strongest argument possible.

Orange County Spousal Support Lawyers

We can clarify the specific laws of alimony in Orange County and explain how alimony will be calculated given your circumstances so that you enter the courtroom fully prepared. If you are already paying spousal support and are wondering if you can get a waiver for alimony in California, call us. While it is difficult to cease payments altogether before the scheduled time, our keen and innovate lawyers can negotiate with your spouse and/or the judge to help you lower or even stop spousal support. Whatever your financial concerns may be, contact us for a free consultation so we can start building your persuasive case and get you on the road to your successful future.

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