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Although divorce is never as simple and easy as we would like it to be, it does not need to escalate into the horrifying arguments and courtroom chaos you see on TV. Although we know that the process is emotional and strenuous by nature, we help couples choose paths that alleviate as much of the stress as possible so they can focus on healing and rebuilding their lives. The best way you and your husband or wife can do this is by sitting down together and thoroughly negotiating the terms and conditions of the divorce through mediation. Not only will this allow you to be more hands-on in the divorce proceedings, but it typically leads to a more satisfactory and peaceful conclusion. After all, going through a mediated divorce in Orange County gives you more of a voice in the divorce proceedings and lends you more control over the way decisions are made. This could greatly empower you in a time when you might feel like you’ve lost control over your life, as divorce sometimes does to people. The first step to peaceably negotiating your separation is to hire a mediator. This should be an experienced attorney who knows the steps of a divorce in Orange County, specifically in your city, whether that be Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Irvine, or any surrounding area. Knowing the importance of experience, Christian Schank set out to build a team of lawyers who have worked in courtrooms in every city in Orange County and gained priceless knowledge and skills that have allowed them to guide numerous couples through a mediated divorce. By assuaging conflicts and easing tensions, we’ll help you come to a resolution that is as satisfactory as possible so you can begin your journey to a more fulfilling life. Before you make any commitments, however, we want to ensure that you are receiving a mediation attorney who is the best match for your needs, which is why we offer Free Case Evaluations for all interested parties.

Mediation Attorneys in Orange County, CA

As stated before, the benefits of mediation are numerous for couples who want to forego the stress of constantly appearing before a judge. One of its main appeals is that it often lowers expenses. Typically, couples must each hire a divorce attorney to represent them. However, mediation allows both individuals split the fee for a single mediation attorney, which can greatly cut costs. We also can assist you by acting as your personal legal consultant during mediation instead of a shared mediation attorney, which we will discuss in more detail in just a moment. Not only does it save you money, but it places less of a mental and emotional strain on you and your children. It allows children to hear both their parents out in a diplomatic environment, which can help them come to terms with the divorce. Finally, as we stated previously, mediation allows you to retain your control over a situation where you may feel you’ve lost it. You can voice your opinions and explain your thought process behind certain decisions and actions. You will also have more of an opportunity to fight for the rights and property you hold dear. One of our mediation divorce attorneys will walk you through the stages of mediation, including property and pension division, spousal or child support and child custody, financial arrangements, and more.

Mediation Lawyers in Orange County, CA

Of course, while it is definitely the more desirable option, that is not to say that mediation is easy. Since you must decide on every detail of your life post-divorce, mediation can be confusing and tedious, especially if you do not have a clear plan of action. And that is what we provide as your mediation attorney. We will simplify the entire process, breaking it down into clear steps and checklists and reviewing every document and agreement before the judge signs off on anything. We will inform you both of your rights and any possible repercussions that your decisions could have on your and your child’s future. By allowing one of our mediation attorneys to guide you through the process, you will cover all your bases and protect yourself from unforeseen consequences.

If you already have a divorce attorney to mediate your separation but feel as though you’re lacking in personal legal advice, we are here to help. Instead of acting as an unbiased, shared mediation attorney, we can become your personal legal representative and consultant. This means that we will be on your side, helping you form persuasive arguments and defend your property and rights. This can provide you with additional support and comfort in a stressful time, and give you the confidence you need to win your spouse over to your requests. Of course, we also understand that mediation is not for everyone, and highly conflictual or contested divorces often necessitate going before a judge to have him objectively decide on the outcomes. If this is the case, we can act as your personal divorce attorney and guide you through that separate process. Whatever route you choose, divorce is never easy, and we want to help you find the most satisfactory outcome possible so you can start living again.

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