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Orange County Gaurdianship Attorneys

As much as we might try to make the world into a place where everyone can be loved and cared for, that is not always reality for some people. Children or defenseless adults often find themselves in unfortunate circumstances that make it necessary for others to look after them. This can happen to children when their biological parent(s) can no longer take care of them due to things such as a debilitating illness of the mind or body, substance abuse or addictive behavior that interferes with their parental supervision, or harsh circumstances that render them unable to provide for their son or daughter any longer. In more tragic cases where the child is experiencing neglect or abuse, they must be removed from their home immediately and placed with someone who will comfort and care for them. Of course, the situation is not always a horrible one. Many loving parents who are going away for military service or for a similar reason wish to ensure that their child has a proper guardian to watch over them until they return. In any of these cases, the state of California will see to it that the child is given an official guardian. You may be wondering how to become a guardian over a child in Orange County, or you may know of a child who needs a guardian even though you cannot commit to the position yourself. Either way, contacting a guardianship attorney located in Orange County is the first step to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Should you wish to become the child’s caretaker, our team of guardianship lawyers will walk you and the child through this emotional and complex process by providing compassionate and meticulous guidance. We want you to get the help you need and deserve, which is why we always provide free consultations so you can ensure that we are a good match before committing to anything.

Grandparents Rights Attorneys in Orange County, CA

Becoming a guardian in Orange County can be difficult and complicated. First, you must fill out the guardianship paperwork required from the state of California and open a case within the family courts, preferably within your city. Orange County courts highly recommend that a lawyer review all paperwork and inform you of the rules specific to your city, whether that be Anaheim, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, San Clemente, or any nearby region. We have lawyers who have worked in each place and know the exact way to attain guardianship in any city in Orange County. During this process, a judge will evaluate your current state of affairs, your competency in caring for a child, your capability to provide for them financially and physically, and other criteria. Although your ability to raise a child will be inspected, note that there is a major difference between adoption and guardianship. In adoption, the biological parents no longer have rights (or have very limited visitation rights) over their child and the person adopting the boy or girl have full parental rights over him or her. Guardianship, on the other hand, is meant to be a temporary arrangement until the child’s parents return or regain their competency or the child is adopted or reaches the age of majority. Thus, guardians are closely monitored by the courts and must check in as often as the judge requires. Their legal rights over the child are also limited as the judge sees fit. It can become more multifaceted and detailed with each case, and if the parents do not want you to become the child’s guardian, things can get especially ugly. However, if you decide to recruit us to help guide you, we will simplify the legal jargon, walk you through and review all paperwork and notices to relatives before you send them, and provide support for both you and the child.

Lawyers in Orange County to help with Grandparents Rights

Sadly, children are not the only ones who experience life’s cruelty. Many adults are affected by age or illness that incapacitates them, leaving their person and their finances and property at risk. Thus, it is often necessary for a guardian (called a conservator) to be appointed as their caretaker and have legal rights to manage their affairs. If you are wondering how to become a legal guardian over an elder in this tragic circumstance, give us a call for a free evaluation. We understand how painful this situation may be, especially if you are concerned about your parent or grandparent. Through every step you must follow and every paper you must fill out, we will be there to provide emotional support and legal counsel so that your loved one is given their best chance at life. We also see many cases where people wish to ensure that their loved one is cared for, but simply do not have the time nor the resources to do so themselves. If this is you, then take pride in desiring the best for your relative or friend by acquiring a trusted guardian, and give us a call today to help you get started with that process.

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