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Divorce Attorney in Orange County, CA

If you are going through a divorce in the Orange County area you will need great legal representation at a price you can afford. Speak with an Orange County divorce attorney from the offices of Christian Schank and Associates. Our divorce attorneys are available to meet with you in-person or by phone to explain your rights and provide you with an initial case evaluation and ultimately with the legal services you need.

A Caring Attitude Combined with Local Experience Makes our Orange County Divorce Attorney the Best Choice for You

Our law firm has divorce attorneys in Orange County that understand what is at stake in your life when you are facing divorce. When the stakes are high, it is essential that you are well represented. Great representation is the surest way to protect your interests and those of your family. Great representation starts with a divorce attorney who cares about you and cares about your case. In addition to caring about your case, a great Orange County divorce attorney will be one with experience handling cases like yours in Orange County family Law Court. Our Orange County Divorce lawyer, and his skilled legal team, have the experience to handle your divorce case. Our Orange County Divorce lawyers are available to help you resolve your divorce case immediately. If you find yourself in a divorce situation, do not delay. Time is of the essence. Call our office and speak to our Orange County divorce attorney today, so that we can assure that no deadlines critical are missed.

Free Case Evaluation with an Orange County Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering getting a divorce, or if you have been served with divorce papers, you should contact our office immediately. Once you have contacted our office, we will provide you with a Free Case Evaluation to analyze the level of complexity of your individual situation. This consultation can occur over the phone or in person sitting across the desk from our Orange County Divorce attorney. Once we have analyzed your situation, we will be able to discuss your options for retaining our law firm to secure our representation for you. This discussion will include a discussion of the anticipated costs associated with our representation.

We Make Great Representation Affordable

Our divorce attorneys understand the stress that a divorce can create in one’s life. Our job is to help relieve your stress, not to add to it. One of the ways in which we can help is by providing exceptional legal representation at an affordable price. You will be hard-pressed to find another Orange County divorce lawyer with anywhere near our experience, with fees as reasonable as ours. Further, we are flexible with payments. We can work out a payment arrangement that will work for virtually any client. The bottom line is, that we make great representation affordable.

You Need An Orange County Divorce Attorney Who Focuses on Your Specific Goals

Our Orange County divorce attorney will work with you individually to protect your assets, save you money, achieve your goals, and provide you with peace of mind. In order to achieve your specific goals, our divorce attorney in Orange County will consult with your regarding your case every step of the way. We believe that good client communication is a key to success.

You should never attempt to represent yourself. For those that do not practice law or fully understand the legal process, personal rights are easily missed or misunderstood. Consequently, it is important to hire an experienced Orange County divorce attorney. With our law firm, you are not only getting top-notch legal representation, but you are also getting an Orange County divorce attorney that works hard to make sure his clients’ individual goals are met.

What To Expect from your Orange County Divorce Attorney

After you hire our Orange County divorce attorney to represent you, he will begin immediately to prepare your case. Our Orange County divorce attorney has a team of paralegals and other family law professionals who are experienced at handling cases similar to yours. Our skilled staff will leave you feeling confident that you have hired the right team of Divorce attorneys to fight for you.

We begin our representation of every client with an initial attorney interview. At your initial interview, your Orange County divorce attorney will thoroughly review all of the potential issues of your case. Your attorney will want to review how long you have been married, and whether you were married before. If you have been married previously, your divorce attorney will inquire whether you were represented by a divorce attorney in your previous divorce.

Further, a primary topic of discussion, with your divorce attorney, at your initial interview will be whether you have minor-age children. If you do have minor children, this issue will be discussed at length. Your Orange County Divorce lawyer will need detailed information in anticipation of tackling the child custody aspects of your divorce. Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our client’s children. The issue of custody will receive our most passionate and dedicated representation and focus.

In addition, upon first meeting with you, your Orange County divorce attorney will need to discuss details regarding the property you own. All of your property will need to be classified as either separate or community property. Once we have discovered the extent of your property and classified the nature of your property, we will begin to formulate a plan for the division of your property with your ex-spouse, in a manner that is most advantageous to you. Your individual case is important to us. Call us for a Free Case Evaluation with an Orange County divorce lawyer today.

Your case will likely begin with the preparation of the necessary legal paperwork. Most people come to us when they are ready to file for divorce or immediately after they have been served with divorce paperwork. If you need to file for divorce, we will prepare the necessary paperwork including the petition and summons, and file them immediately with the court. If you have been served with divorce paperwork, our Orange County Divorce attorney will spring into action to effectively prepare your response and get it filed with the court.

Typically, once your initial paperwork has been filed our Orange County Divorce attorney will turn to you to direct him on how to handle your case. You will find that we will handle your case in accordance with your personal goals and objectives. We recognize that every case is unique and every client has different goals. We will not impose our values on you. We will seek your direction as to the way to proceed with your case. Our Orange County divorce attorney is skilled and working with cooperatively with other parties when that is what our clients want. On the other hand, our Orange County divorce attorney can be as aggressive as any attorney around, when an aggressive attorney is what you need. The key to success in your divorce case is that we will execute a plan that is specifically tailored to you and your objectives. This client-centered approach is one of the many attributes that sets our firm apart. While many Orange County divorce lawyers have a one size fits all approach to divorce, we seek to meet the specific goals of our clients.

Contact Our Orange County Divorce Attorney Today

From the moment you hire one of our Orange County Divorce attorneys, you will have someone dedicated to your case. Your representation will begin with an interview with a skilled Orange County Divorce attorney from our law firm. This interview will preferably be held in person in our office, but our attorneys will be flexible to suit your specific needs. Above all, this interview will be critical to formulating a plan and crafting a strategy geared at ensuring that your divorce process produces results that reflect your goals and priorities. Our Orange County Divorce attorney will work for you to achieve your stated goals.

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