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The court issues restraining orders and, when disobeyed, can lead to arrest and jail time. Understanding them and the options you have is important.

It's vital to read restraining orders thoroughly, because they may vary in scope. All restraining orders have two basic parts:

  • The order requires the restrained person to stay away from the protected person.
  • The order requires the restrained person to stay away from the protected person's home, work, or school.

Restraining orders may also include other requirements, such as:

  • Not contacting the protected person by phone, email, or text message
  • Not posting information about the protected person on social media websites
  • Not going near the protected person's family or friends

You have a restraining order; What now?

The order requires the restrained person to stay away from the protected person's home, work, or school. Whether you are the one who is being protected or the restrained, both people need to follow the terms of the legal order.

Even if it was something you regret enforcing now, if you go by that person, you could get it violated because it would now be considered a legal order. If you choose to go by that person again, you would have to wait until the order is over. It’s best to talk with a lawyer as every situation could be different.

Learn how to be protected from a restraining order

If a restraining order is filed against you, contact an experienced Monterey restraining order attorney to avoid legal obligations. A law firm that specializes in these matters can explain the nature of the restraining order and help you protect your rights.

In order to avoid being stalked, you may get a restraining order that requires the other person to stay away from you.

To get a restraining order, you must file a petition with the court detailing the abuse or harassment that you have experienced. If the court deems your petition necessary, they will sign a restraining order. The order will contain instructions for the restrained person to keep them from hurting you.

If you are considering filing for a restraining order, talk to an experienced attorney. They will help you understand the process and ensure your rights are protected.

Restraining order violations

If the restrained person violates any terms of a restraining order, they can be arrested. They can then be fined or even jailed for violating those terms.

If you need some expertise in the family law area, Schank Family Law can help make your experience of family law as optimal as possible. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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