Child Custody

Christian Schank Family Law provides excellent Child Custody Lawyers & Child Support Attorneys for legal representation in California courts.

Child Support

Christian Schank & Associates California Child Support Attorneys fight child custody cases with their experienced Child Support Lawyers.

Divorce & Separation

Schank & Associates are California attorneys focusing on Divorce or dissolution of marriage, legal separation, custody, and family law divorce lawyers.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparent seeking custody? Our affordable California Grandparent attorneys have experience in getting child custody or visitation rights.


Our affordable mediation attorneys in California have experience in mediation, preserving relationships, and preventing divorce.

Pension Division/Pre-QDRO

The attorneys at Schank & Associates have experienced pension lawyers and retirement division attorneys in California

Property Division

The affordable attorneys at Schank & Associates have property lawyers and debt division attorneys throughout California.

Restraining Order

Christian Schank & Associates California Restraining Attorney handles restraining cases with their reputable Restraining Order Lawyers in CA.

Spousal Support

The spousal support attorneys at Schank & Associates focus on support for those divorced in California with their Spousal Lawyers.